Making Sense of Things: Archaeologies of Sensory Perception

Fredrik Fahlander & Anna Kjellström (Eds.)
Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 53, 2010

How can human sensuous experiences through sight, sound, taste, smell and touch be studied in past worlds? In which ways may such a bodily perspective affect our interpretations? In this volume, the authors explore a wide range of topics, such as the materialisation and symbolism of colour, the sensuous dimensions of commensality, and cultural constructions con- cerning pain and odour. The articles comprise examples from various regions and time periods from Scandinavian Iron Age burial rites and classical Maya monumental art to issues of death and burial in eighteenth-century Sweden.



Beyond Sight: Archaeologies of Sensory Perception
Fredrik Fahlander & Anna Kjellström

A Peaceful Sleep and Heavenly Celebration for the Pure and Innocent. The Sensory Experience of Death during the Long Eighteenth Century
Jenny Nyberg

The Nose, the Eye, the Mouth and the Gut: Social Dimensions of Food-Cravings and Commensality
Fredrik Fahlander

Tracing Pain: Identifying Suffering in Skeletal Remains
Anna Kjellström

Face/Off: A Neomaterialistic Study of the Face
Johan Normark

The Colour of Money: >Crusaders and Coins in the Thirteenth-Century Baltic Sea
Nanouschka Myrberg

Immortal Maidens: The Visual Significance of the Colour White in Graves on Viking-Age Gotland
Susanne Thedéen

Sense and Sensibility: Masking Practices in Late Iron Age Boat-Graves
Ing-Marie Back Danielsson

The Inescapable Body
Stephen Houston

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