Matters of Scale. Processes and courses of events in the past and the present

N. M. Burström & F. Fahlander (eds.)
Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 56, 2012

The study of process is fundamental to our understanding of past worlds. Yet, despite a growing interest in processual aspects of relations and transformations in recent strands of thought, the concept itself is rarely discussed in contemporary archaeology. In this volume, the authors aspire to put the concept back on the map by combining old and new perspectives. Applying concepts such as hybridity, resilience, punctum, and flat ontology, they present fresh and innovative analyses encompassing a wide array of issues of central importance to archaeology.


Introduction: To go with the flow or against the grain?
Nanouschka M. Burström & Fredrik Fahlander

Wreck Huggers, Aqualungs and Red Tape. A heritage process of the middle ground?
Mirja Arnshav

The Museum Process. Materializing ancient Greek religion
Lena Sjögren

Articulating Hybridity. Structurating situations and indexical events in North-European rock art.
Fredrik Fahlander

A Study of Punctuality. Using typo-chronology as Barthes' studium and punctum
Nanouschka M. Burström

Strike-a-lights and Cross-cultural Belts
Anne Monikander

Detecting Social Development through Manufacturing Processes. A case study of Palaikastro (Crete)
Maria Lowe Fri

Continuity and Change. Long-term processes of urbanization and ruralization at Kale Akte (Sicily)
Adam Lindhagen

What can Resilience Theory do for (Aegean) Archaeology?
Erika Weiberg

System Theory in the Study of Legal Development. Some comments on the contribution of Niklas Luhmann
Maria Wallenberg Bondesson

Comment. Processing the Past
Richard Hingley

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