Material Culture and Other Things

- Post-disciplinary Studies in the 21st century

Gotarc Series C, No. 61. (ISBN 91-85245-12-7)
Edited by: F. Fahlander & T. Oestigaard

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Introduction - Material Culture and Post-Disciplinary Sciences, pp1-19
Fredrik Fahlander & Terje Oestigaard

The World as Artefact - Material Culture Studies and Archaeology, pp20-56
Terje Oestigaard

Social Identity, the Body, and Power , pp57-92
Per Cornell

Prehistoric Material Culture - Presenting, Commemorating, Politicising, pp93-108
Gro Kyvik

Discontinious Maya Identities - Culture and Ethnicity in Mayanist Discourse, pp109-160
Johan Normark

Operational Ethnicity - Serial Practice and Materiality, pp161-184
J├Ârgen M. Johannensen

Archaeology and Anthropology: Brothers in Arms? - On Analogies in 21st Century Archaeology, pp185-211
Fredrik Fahlander

MRT Confidential, pp213-258
Pontus Forslund

An Essay on Material Culture - Some concluding reflections, pp259-278
Kristian Kristiansen

About the Authors, pp279-281