Materiality, Ontology and New Materialism

Here are some scholarly articles and books that explicitly concern issues of materiality, ontology and new materialism. The other sections contains case studies where theory is applied.
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Bildbruk i mellanrum. Mälarvikens hällbilder under andra årtusendet fvt
by: Fredrik Fahlander
Stockholm: Univ, 2018.
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Encountering Imagery. Materialities, Perceptions, Relations
Edited by: Ing-Marie Back Danielsson, Fredrik Fahlander & Ylva Sjöstrand
Stockholm: Univ, 2012.

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Making sense of things. Archaeologies of sensory perception
Edited by: Fredrik Fahlander & Anna Kjellström
Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 53, Stockholm: Univ. 2010.

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Material Culture and other Things - Post-disciplinary Studies in the 21st century
Edited by Fredrik Fahlander & Terje Oestigaard
Gotarc, Series C, No 61, Gothenburg, 2004

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The Materiality of Serial Practice. A microarchaeology of burial
by Fredrik Fahlander (PhD thesis)
Gotarc series D, No 23, Gothenburg, 2003 . Errata

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Social praktik och stumma monument. Introduktion till mikroarkeologi
by Per Cornell & Fredrik Fahlander
Gotarc, series C, No 46, Göteborg, 2002. Errata

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Archaeology as science-fiction. A microarchaeology of the unknown
by Fredrik Fahlander
Gotarc series C, no 43, Gothenburg, 2001.

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The Faceless Men. Partial bodies and body parts in Scandinavian Bronze Age rock art,
By Fahlander, F.
Published in Ontologies of Rock Art: Images, Relational Approaches and Indigenous Knowledge,
O. Moro Abadía & M. Porr (eds), London: Routledge 2021.

Becoming Dead. Burial assemblages as vitalist devices,
by Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: Cambridge Archaeological Journal 30(4): 555-569. 2020.

Unruly bones and efficacious stones. Materialities of death in Early Christian post-burial interactions in central-eastern Sweden
by Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: Grave disturbances. The archaeology of post-depositional interactions with the dead, E. Aspöck, N. Müller-Scheessel & A. Klevnäs (eds), Oxford: Oxbow 2020

Fantastic Beings and Where to Make Them. Boats as Object-Beings in Bronze Age Rock Art
by: Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: Current Swedish Archaeology vol 27: 191-212. 2019.

The relational life of trees. Ontological aspects of "tree-ness" in the Early Bronze Age of Northern Europe
By Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: Open Archaeology, 4(1): 373-385 (2018)

Review of Archaeological Theory in the New Millennium: Introducing Current Perspectives, by Oliver J.T. Harris and Craig Cipolla
By Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: Journal of European Archaeology, 21(4): 640-43 (2018)

Ontology Matters in Archaeology and Anthropology: People, things and posthumanism
By Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: These “Thin Partitions”: Bridging the Growing Divide between Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology, I. A. Hepp & J. D. Englehardt (eds), University Press of Colorado, 2017

Kommentar till Kristine Orestad Sørgaard: ‘den ontologiske vendingen i arkeologien’
By Fredrik Fahlander
In: Insitu Archaeologica 2015, pp112-15.

Djur och människor: posthumanistiska perspektiv på yngre järnålderns gravar
By Fredrik Fahlander
In: H. Alexandersson, A. Andreeff & A. Bünz (red). Med hjärta och hjärna: en vänbok till Elisabeth Arwill-Nordbladh, Gothenburg: Univ. 2014. pp237-50.

Are we there yet? Archaeology and the postmodern in the new millennium,
By Fredrik Fahlander
Current Swedish Archaeology, (2012)

The Nose, the Eye, the Mouth and the Gut: Social Dimensions of Food-Cravings and Commensality,
By Fredrik Fahlander
Making sense of things. Archaeologies of sensory perception, Red: Fredrik Fahlander & Anna Kjellström,
Stockholm: Univ, 2010, pp35-50.

Beyond Sight: Archaeologies of Sensory Perception,
By Fredrik Fahlander & Anna Kjellström,
Making sense of things. Archaeologies of sensory perception, Red: Fredrik Fahlander & Anna Kjellström,
Stockholm: Univ, 2010, pp1-14.

Differences that matter: Materialities, material culture and social practice
By Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: Six essays on the materiality of society and culture, Red. H. Glørstad & L. Hedeager, Gothenburg: Bricoleur Press 2008 (pp127-54)

Same, same, but different? Making sense of the seemingly similar
By Fredrik Fahlander
Published in: Facets of archaeology. Essays in honour of Lotte Hedeager
Edited by Christopher Prescott, Konstantinos Chilidis & Julie Lund
Oslo: OAS 2008

Introduction: Material Culture and Post-Disciplinary Sciences
By: Fredrik Fahlander & Terje Oestigaard
Published in: Material Culture and Other Things - Post-disciplinary Studies in the 21st century, Edited by: F. Fahlander & T. Oestigaard, Gothenburg: Gotarc 2004, pp1-19

  Microarchaeology, Materiality and Social Practice
by Per Cornell & Fredrik Fahlander
Published in Current Swedish Archaeology, vol 10, 2002 pp21-38

The Subject of Social Epistemology. Comment to Denning.
by Per Cornell & Fredrik Fahlander
Published in Philosophy and Archaeological Practice. Perspectives for the21st Century, Eds: Cornelius Holtorf & Håkan Karlsson, 2000, pp215-217