Encountering Imagery. Materialities, Perceptions, Relations

I-M. Back Danielsson, F. Fahlander & Y. Sjöstrand (eds.), Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 57, 2012

Pictorial and visual elements are special types of archaeological data that transgress boundaries: between us and the past and between the material and immaterial. Traditionally, images have been discussed in terms of what they represent, mean or symbolize. In this volume, the authors explore other ways in which images affect and engage the beholder and the modes in which they are entangled in past worlds. The articles comprise examples from various regions and time periods and include a diverse array of topics including northern European rock art of the Neolithic and Bronze Age, anthropomorphic aspects of ceramic pots and figures in gold, erotic themes on children's burial vessels, and nineteenth-century rock art created by quarantined sailors in Australia.

- This is the second print with a few minor edits.


Imagery beyond representation
Ing-Marie Back Danielsson, Fredrik Fahlander & Ylva Sjöstrand

Cut, pinch and pierce. Image as practice among the Early Formative La candelaria, First Millennium AD, northwest Argentina
Benjamin Alberti

The rape of the lock. Or a comparison between miniature images of the eighth and eighteenth centuries
Ing-Marie Back Danielsson

In loving memory. Inscriptions, images and imagination at the north Head Quarantine Station, Sydney, Australia
Ursula Frederick & Anne Clarke

The beauty is in the act of the beholder. South Scandinavian rock art from a uses of the past-perspective
Per Nilsson

Articulating stone. The material practice of petroglyphing
Fredrik Fahlander

Rock art and coastal change in Bronze age Scandinavia
Courtney Nimura

The immanency of the intangible image. Thoughts with Neolithic expression at Loughcrew
Andrew Cochrane

A quest of questions. On the paradigm of identification within rock art research
Ylva Sjöstrand

Metaphors and allegories as augmented reality. The use of art to evoke material and immaterial subjects
Dragos Gheorghiu

Sighted surfaces. Ocular agency in Early Anglo-Saxon cremation burials
Ruth Nugent & Howard Williams

Selected for the dead. Erotic themes on grave vases from Attic cemeteries
Anthi Dipla & Dimitris Paleothodoros

Out of the word and out of the picture? Keftiu and materializations of 'Minoans'
Uros Matic

Designed surfaces
Ole Christian Aslaksen

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