The Materiality of Death: Bodies, Burials, Beliefs

Edited by: Fredrik Fahlander Terje Oestigaard, BAR S1768. ISBN 9781407302577 (2008)

Archaeology, as a humanist science studying the essence of humanity through history, is often faced with the ultimate expressions of humans' perceptions of themselves in society and cosmos: death. The papers in this volume all further elaborate and extend these issues and questions in fascinating case-studies from the Mesolithic to present day.


Chapter 1. The Materiality of Death: Bodies, Burials, Beliefs
Fredrik Fahlander & Terje Oestigaard

Chapter 2. More than Metaphor: Approaching the Human Cadaver in Archaeology
Liv Nilsson Stutz

Chapter 3. A Piece of the Mesolithic. Horizontal Stratigraphy and Bodily Manipulations at Skateholm
Fredrik Fahlander

Chapter 4. Excavating the Kings' Bones: The Materiality of Death in Practice and Ethics Today
Anders Kaliff & Terje Oestigaard

Chapter 5. From Corpse to Ancestor: The Role of Tombside Dining in the Transformation of the Body in Ancient Rome
Regina Gee

Chapter 6. Cremations, Conjecture and Contextual Taphonomies: Material Strategies during the 4th to 2nd Millennia BC in Scotland
Paul R J Duffy and Gavin MacGregor

Chapter 7. Ritual and Remembrance at Archaic Crustumerium. The Transformations of Past and Modern Materialities in the Cemetery of Cisterna Grande (Rome, Italy)
Ulla Rajala

Chapter 8. Reuse in Finnish Cremation Cemeteries under Level Ground - Examples of Collective Memory
Anna Wickholm

Chapter 9. Life and Death in the Bronze Age of the NW of Iberian Peninsula
Ana M. S. Bettencourt

Chapter 10. Norwegian Face-Urns: Local Context and Interregional Contacts
Malin Aasboe

Chapter 11. The Use of Ochre in Stone Age Burials of the East Baltic
Ilga Zagorska

Chapter 12. "Death Myths": Performing of Rituals and Variation in Corpse Treatment during the Migration Period in Norway>
Siv Kristoffersen and Terje Oestigaard

Chapter 13. Reproduction and Relocation of Death in Iron Age Scandinavia
Terje Gansum

Chapter 14. A Road for the Viking's Soul
Åke Johansson

Chapter 15. A Road to the Other Side
Camilla Grön

Chapter 16. Stones and Bones: The Myth of Ymer and Mortuary Practises with an Example from the Migration Period in Uppland, Central Sweden >
Christina Lindgren >

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